Technology that has allowed Entertainment sources to thrive on the Internet

Technological advancements whether in the form of hardware or software have had a profound effect upon the Internet, often expanding upon the tasks or activities that Internet users are able to perform.

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On the side of hardware the most prominent example of advancement would be the transition from dial-up Internet access to ‘high speed’ methods of Internet access, such as DSL and Cable Internet Connections.

Mobile phones are now also capable of wireless access to the Internet, with the inclusion of Internet browser software on various models of mobile phone worldwide and data plans, additional to basic mobile phone costs also available to consumers such as 3’s X-Series[1]. Mobile phones are also able connect to existing wireless access points for wireless internet access at home or in the workplace, so long as the correct settings have been entered into the device.


Advances in software have also played a significant role in generating and growing forms of entertainment in the online environment. Adobe Flash – formerly developed by Macromedia[2] – has been able to grant content creators with a new way of providing information and entertainment to Internet users, so long as the Adobe Flash Player software is installed on their computer. Flash is used throughout many pages on the Internet as a gaming medium, or as a way to display video. For some webmasters, it has also provided them with the means to grant their visitors an interactive browsing experience. This is particularly evident in websites promoting upcoming cinematic movie releases.

One example where Adobe Flash has had an impact with video is Youtube. The Youtube website makes use of Adobe Flash for the playback of the millions of videos available for viewing.

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